By Mark (Charlie) Gardener

Hundreds of scientists, Quantum Physicists, religious guru’s, healers and great authors such as David Braden and Dr. David Hawkins have written about the phenomenon of vibration and frequencies and how they influence our pure existence.  The very stuff we are made of. From Japan Dr. Masaru Emoto took the world by storm with a series of photos of frozen water drops that had been influenced by the written word, spoken words and even prayers. This is where human beings changed the molecular structure of a water drop by expressing a thought or word, crazy hey?

I could literally go on for hours putting a case forward, and the case is a big one, but my goal here today is to impregnate you with the endless possibilities that live within you, yes YOU.

let me tell you a short story:

Years ago I lost a couple of friends to Cancer.  I researched almost all of the alternative healing modalities across this vast planet in my desperation to try and help them.  This journey put me in front of someone who would completely change my viewpoint on how the matrix worked. This old, eccentric, overweight but very powerful guy was doing things that absolutely and totally stretched my belief patterns until they were almost completely bent out of shape.

My partners and I spent a lot of time and money trying to do a documentary on this guy but the more I delved into the mechanics of what he was doing the deeper the rabbit hole went, and the more confused I got. 

At one stage I blamed him for my confusion thinking that he must have been hypnotizing me somehow, but the more I witnessed him pulling people out of wheelchairs, straightening spines, curing AID’s, macular degeneration and even the unthinkable, Cancer. I started to think I was witnessing the second coming of Jesus Christ … Well ?? How else was he doing this?  It had to be divine intervention or magic, or what ??

This man was a Master Pranic Healer by the name of Dr. George Dangel. I told everyone about his great healer … and I mean everyone ..  I even paid for some people to see him.  It was like “Hey, so you got herpes”  go see this guy I know …If it was 2018 years ago they’d be calling this guy Jesus” !!!

It wasn’t long before I stopped getting the phone calls and people were un-friending me on Facebook, you know that feeling ..  You could almost hear them over dinner “ Should we invite Mark …Noooo I think he might be losing it … all that stuff about knowing Jesus …

Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruach or the Breath of Life in Hebrew. In fact this form of healing in its modern form was developed by grand master choa Kok Sui. However the knowledge of such methods date back to ancient India and China many thousands of years ago. 

There is even some writings that attribute Jesus’s healings and great miracles to this healing paradigm. I had been focusing on the miracles that I was witnessing so much that I completely missed the core value, the pure essence of this modalities functionality. Is it real to you that the human body has a bio energetic, electromagnetic, or you can even call it an Aura field around it? Is it real to you all out there that people like my friend the Pranic Healer, Reiki, Bowen therapy masters, acupuncturists, religious guru’s and the many other modalities and masters out there have the power to manipulate, use, enrich and to revitalize and fix this field?

Well then,  If they all learn the same process, protocols or lessons in their respective modalities, why is it then that some of them are more POWERFUL than others. I’ll tell you …  It’s because of their personal intention.  it’s INTENTION. To my surprise one of the meanings for the word intention in the dictionary is:  ‘the healing process of a wound’ They got it right and didn’t really know they did.

People ..  The secret behind the secret is INTENTION.


What are the mechanics you ask? It’s simple.  ENOUGH Faith or belief in anything, even evil, can CREATE that which you desire. This is not new in any way shape or form, unlike the healers requiring a concentration of intention, the average person has been living in the Matrix for so long now, and have been a slave that creates what others demand they create. We have forgotten how to use this powerful tool and truly don’t believe we can actually create something for ourselves.

Some of you are sitting there wondering how this affects you, right now. This affects you to the degree you are willing to believe that it does, that’s it. The mechanisms for using this knowledge are right in front of you, you just have to add a dose of faith and then a little pinch of practice.

Using the example of the Powerful healers, they can work for 40 years within their chosen modality to become the very best at what they do. Their success has a simple explanation. Every time they used their methodologies and honed their craft, and it worked, they got a bit more confident, a bit more belief and a got bit more faith.  Until one day they become unconsciously conscious of their powers and abilities, they actually KNOW the seat of their power without having to think about it …  They KNOW they can heal.

I can almost hear the cries out there right now .. Good God,  I have to practice this diligently for 40 years to get some knowingness to have some personal power. What the ??? If you think that then I have delivered this talk poorly, because the absolute opposite is true. I have known great healers who have spent 40 years becoming good at what they do,  I have known people who have spent 10 years becoming good at what they do and then I met a guy down at the local farmers market that didn’t study anything at all and heals people every single day.  In the end it comes down to what you believe and how well you believe it moving through to the knowingness.

If you have ever been to a ‘new age’ ‘consciousness’ festival of the like, the one thing you will notice straight away is the amount of stalls dedicated to healing this and healing that, spiritual this and spiritual that, all of which have valid roots and intentions.  When people finally get it through their heads that it’s all the same stuff.  Leave the ego at the door and get on with it, and the world will be a better place. The gift of creation, your access to the god particle, your gift, is right at your fingertips.  Just reach out and embrace it.

The HOW is only a path of discovery that can take many many different routes to discover your personal faith and belief in you and YOUR POWER.

Forget the science … That’s just another man-made word.

To finish, let me pose a Hypothesis:

If you as an individual can vibrate intention and cause someone else’s bio-energetic field to heal another person’s body fully and absolutely, and using that same intention you also have the power to change your immediate future within the matrix & even beyond perhaps.  Another very big subject ?? What if enough beings like you decided to all gather and resonate a vibration so full of love and so powerful as ONE … could it not be possible to make that change we so desperately need before us right now …  To generate a vibration that would heal planet earth and all of mankind.

It is a dream that I have.

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