To understand how Advanced Vibrational Frequencies works one would need to understand the simplicity of intention and the physical manifestations that can result from one personhaving enough intention to effect matter, energy, space and time. 

Dr. Dangel was one such person.  in a previous blog we mentioned how the difference between a healerof Dr. Dangel’s caliber using ‘knowing’ verses the initiate healer using ‘belief’ worked.  All we did was record those vibrations onto a sound track. The proof of this Quantum fact has been proven time and time again by Eastern healers and scientists for thousands of years.  Unfortunately, with the inception of the medical and pharmaceutical paradigm in the western world these modalities are unknown or swept under the carpet.  In particular, a group of Qi Gong healers proved in front of the whole world it was possible by removing an inoperable tumor from a patients body live on television in China, as seen here:  You will note that what they are chanting He speaks "Hua San Hua San"-Transform Disperse Transform Disperse, later changing to "Mei Mei Mei Mei You Mei You " "Gone away". "Mei You Le" "Gone Completed", in the end "Hao Hao Hao Le", Good Good Good Good completed.

Whether it is Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Reiki or the pure knowledge that you yourself ‘knew’ you could be healed from any disease, it’s the same principle.  The other interesting fact is that all human beings have this ability, everyone.

Recently there was a television program that introduced a healer named Charlie Goldsmith.   I’m sure he was originally asked to do the show to debunk him.  This was not the case.  He proved beyond any reasonable doubt that a man or woman with enough belief/knowledge could effect another human beings electrical body.  Remembering of course that the electrical body, aura or Prana is senior to the physical body.  If the electrical body is well the physical body is well.

Charlie like Dr. Dangel simply projected information through thought via Scalar energy into another person’s electric body commanding a shift into wellbeing.  It’s that simple.  It can take many many years to develop the ‘confidence’ to believe in your own capabilities, but it is yours to command.


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Pedro Martinez

We are pure energy and we are constantly creating since the moment we become a tiny group of cells and later develop our own senses and uniqueness, we are made of the same materia as the gods, and our emotions transmit the frequencies to everyone and everything around us, and we need to be mindful of our thoughts, so that we don't hurt ourselves and others, but instead we can create a much better world in which everyone and everything can enjoy better health and quality of life in all aspects possible. I see the fundamentals of this vibrational scalar frequencies and I am interested for more. Only love! 16 May 2020 01:43:30 AM

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